Sonata Dementia (2019)

2019 Sequenza21: Best Recordings of 2019
2019 WQXR: Best Classical Recordings
2019 All About Jazz: Best Releases
2019 The Art Music Lounge Award
Percussive Notes Hall of Fame 2019

Album Reviews of Sonata Dementia (2019)

“…done…with a brand of reverence, scholarship, and quality of both recording and performances such that this is a collector’s dream and a major contribution to the history of microtonal musics and American music in general.”

– Allan Cronin, New Music Buff

“…impressively played album…”

– Andrew Clements, The Guardian

“…twangs and boogies and galumphs and goes bump in the night, punctuated by vocal interjections of enigmatic import. A bouncy but entrancing ride.”

– Matthew Gurewitsch,

“The ensemble PARTCH…has made it a habit to unlock the mysteries and sounds of its namesake composer…his creations really require a new vocabulary. The members of PARTCH certainly speak it, whatever “it” may be.”


“…the group PARTCH does a wonderful job of capturing both the letter and the spirit of [Harry Partch’s] music.

– Lynn Rene Bayley, The Art Music Lounge

“To Partch aficionados this disc will be an essential purchase…”

– Paul Serotsky, Musicweb International

The ensemble PARTCH is as true to the letter and spirit of Partch’s music as his own groups, and John Schneider’s intoned vocals even sound like Partch.

Stuart Broomer, The Whole Note

Step into the inventive imagination of Harry Partch, where unusual instruments and unexpected ideas thrive. The performances are direct.

BBC Music Magazine

There is a uniquely American sensibility at work

– ICON Magazine