PARTCH Ensemble PREMIERES – Encore Access

We are very pleased to now offer this concert online through a special Encore Access portal: for a nominal fee of just $10, patrons can view the entire concert with unlimited access from the comfort of their own home, at any time of day or night. 

Click the button below and purchase access to this very special event, and enjoy unlimited views of the groundbreaking PARTCH Ensemble PREMIERES.

Patrons who purchased tickets for the original REDCAT event can redeem their ticket for free Encore Access! Simply email our site administrator at [email protected] and you will receive a free Encore Access code via email.

Sonata Dementia (2019)

2019 Sequenza21: Best Recordings of 2019
2019 WQXR: Best Classical Recordings
2019 All About Jazz: Best Releases
2019 The Art Music Lounge Award
Percussive Notes Hall of Fame 2019

Color Theory (2017)

by PRISM Quartet and Sō Percussion

Music for Saxophones, Percussion and Harry Partch Instruments

Bitter Music (2011)

Harry Partch’s Depression Journal

2012 Grammy Nominee: Best Classical Compendium

Enclosure 8 (2007)

Enclosure 8 offers not only a chance to see higher quality versions of previously-available material, but it also includes a 2006 choreographed version of Castor & Pollux, performed by PARTCH